Porcelina Ceramic Restoration -  High Quality ceramic and porcelain repair
                             WELCOME TO PORCELINA

Porcelina is focused on providing high-quality china restoration and is achieving a consistently high level of customer satisfaction -  I will do everything I can to make a repair invisible to the naked eye or consolidate a broken piece if thats what you require...it will receive every care and attention from me to restore it to its original condition. Together we can preserve something of value and pleasure for both yourself and future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Here is an extract of a reference from one of my many satisfied customers over the last 20 years
"Josephine worked for the Wellington Gallery as a Porcelain Restorer for seven years .

During this time she  provided  impressive craftsmanship and an excellent service.

She works with comprehensive range of porcelain, from Meissen, Paris, Sevres and Vienna to Derby, Moores, Royal Worcester etc. She possesses an excellent eye for detail and is exceptional in Fine Painting and Relief Modelling on a variety of items, particularly intricate candelabras, figurines and mirrors.

Josephine is a person with integrity, highly efficient, honest and reliable."
Maureen Barclay-Director, Wellington Gallery 
If you have any comments or questions, please do contact me.

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