Porcelina Ceramic Restoration -  High Quality ceramic and porcelain repair

For nearly 20  years,I have provided 'impressive craftsmanship and an excellent service' to both antique dealers and private collectors.

I have restored many famous makes of porcelain from Meissen, Sevres, Paris and Vienna to Derby, Moores ,Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester etc. which all have their particular challenges in replicating the fine painting and relief modelling for which these producers are world renowned.

I have worked on mirrors, garnitures, jardinaires, ornamental plates, vases, figures, statues, candelabras, ceramic paintings as well as cups, trinket boxes, figurines and tiles.
Although I have specialised in European porcelain and ceramic I have also gained considerable experience of working on Oriental porcelain as well as Islamic ceramics and antiquities.

I have restored many styles of fine porcelain including Meissen, Sevres, Vienna, Royal  Doulton and Worcester, Wedgwood,  Canton, Imari, Satsuma as well as  a variety of other  materials such as Pottery, Plaster of paris, Alabaster, Terracotta, Jade, Ivory and Enamelware especially Cloisonné.
I possess an excellent eye for detail and colour matching and I have been described by a former Gallery owner as  being ' exceptional in Fine Painting and Relief Modelling on a variety of pieces including Figurines,Candalabras and Mirrors'.
I would very much welcome the opportunity to earn your confidence and deliver to you an excellent and efficient service.

I can provide you with an estimate by appointment or over the phone as well as by email. Please send your photos to imari38@hotmail.com

It helps greatly if you send me close up photos  and/or describe in detail the interior and exterior of the piece as well as the damaged area ,including its dimensions and size of the piece.

I can only confirm the estimate range once I've seen the piece.I charge an hourly rate of £30.

I reserve the option of  increasing the final price in event of there being extra labour costs that were not anticipated due to each piece having a unique restoration process.Also if there is revealed damage during the cleaning process which means that the cost will exceed the upper estimate the client will be consulted on how they wish to proceed .

Please be aware that Restored items must  be paid for within 4 weeks of restoration  notification ,otherwise a storage fee of £10 per additional week will be surcharged in addition to the final cost.

I look forward to being of service to you



Nr Edgware

North West London
020 3556 0625 /07977 37 48 57
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